Tried and tested: Coconut oil

Recently, I've been using coconut oil in my beauty regimen after discovering its benefits. Coconut oil is like an all-rounder in skincare and health because it is good for almost everything you can think of. It is safe to say that I've been using coconut oil on and off for about two months now. I can tell that my skin is a lot softer compared to when I was first introduced to this super oil. I'm only going to talk about the beauty benefits of coconut oil because as far as health is concern, I can't say that every claim is proven to be correct. So I'd rather not write about it because I don't want to give false information.

1. It's an amazing moisturizer 
This has been a staple for my beauty routine. I scooped a small amount with my hand and slather it all over my body. I like to top it with my own body lotion because I like my body to have a sweet scent. I do this in the morning after shower and before bedtime. I like how smooth my skin feels when I wake up in the morning. I have tried using it for my face because coconut oil is also known for its ability to fight wrinkles. But after a few days my face started breaking out. I didn't know why so I did some reasearch and it turns out that coconut oil tends to clog pores. So I won't recommend using it as a moisturizer on the face, especially if you have a sensitive skin.

2. It's good for hair and scalp
Coconut oil is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin E and Vitamin K which are good for strengthening, shine and growth of hair. On top of that, it's antifungal and antibacterial properties help in eliminating dandruff and lice. That said, it can help with your baby's cradle cap too! I like to use coconut oil as a hair mask once a week. I scooped out a small amount on my palm and run it through my hair with my fingers, making sure I massage it all over my scalp for a few minutes. Usually I put my hair in a bun and sleep with the mask on.

3. It provides dental hygiene
One thing coconut oil is famous for nowadays is 'oil pulling'. It is an Ayurvedic medicinal ancient practice used for dental hygiene. It involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 10 - 20 minutes before spitting it out (source). Oil pulling has a lot of benefits such as boosting immunities, increase overall oral hygiene, whitens teeth, reduces bad breath, balances hormones, clear sinuses, helps with jaw problems and a lot of other benefits. I have not tried this yet but I'm willing to give it a go because of the benefits it has to offer. Here is the right method for oil pulling that I found online:

4. It's a substitute for your makeup remover
Coconut oil may work better than any of your makeup remover. Sure it's oily but it's not hard to remove and wash off. Using cotton pad or your own finger, massage the oil on your dry face making sure you lightly rub in around your eyes especially your lashes. And then take a hot damp cloth and wipe the residue until there's no trace of makeup left on your face. Then was your face with your favorite cleanser. Your face will feel soft and hydrated at the same time.

5. Fights cellulite and stretch marks
Cellulite is one of the beautiful flaws that women have as they age. It's that one flaw that we have to accept naturally. It's the same as wrinkles. It will happen. There are so many laser treatments and commercial products that aim to fight cellulites. But there's also natural ways of fighting it. Coconut oil is known for its benefit to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In case you didn't know, coffee is also known for the same benefit, plus it is a natural exfoliator. You can easily make your own coffee + coconut oil scrub for your body. For pregnant women especially, you can rub the coconut oil all over your belly on a daily basis to prevent stretch marks. I heard that it works!

6. It's a natural healing remedy
Coconut oil contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Hence it is a good healing agent. It has proven to heal scars and burns. I'm prone to accidents when it comes to frying food. I've had a few experience when I have oil splattered on my hands while cooking. I immediately applied coconut oil on the affected area. The next morning, I see no trace of burns or redness on my skin at all. Other than that, it's really good for diaper rash, rashes in general and itchyness. I like to use it on the driest part of my body (my legs) because I tend to scratch them in the middle of the night. I notice that I don't have red bumps on my legs anymore. It's like a miracle worker!

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