Date weekend: Oregon coast

Oregon, USA
The weekend trip to Oregon was a much needed break for both husband and I since we haven't been on a holiday together for  a while. Our journey started quite late on Friday but early enough to avoid the office traffic. We drove down south and reached Lincoln City at night to spend the night there (I love our hotel btw!). The next day, we explored Oregon coast and drove up north towards Portland. It was sweet although there's not much to say about Oregon during the trip. We missed a lot of tourist spots because it was such a short visit but we hope next time we get to explore other parts of the state. Oregon, we'll definitely meet again! 

The highlights of our visit: 
1. We went to Tillamook Cheese Factory and had their yummy fresh ice-cream.
2. I had the best Indian food in Portland. The restaurant is called Siri India
3. We had the famous school bus grilled cheese.
4. We drove around some neighborhoods in Portland. I like the buildings. Their designs have character but man, they're almost as expensive as Seattle!

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