watch this space

It's amazing how fast time flies. We've been married for 7 months and still slowly trying to adapt to the changes and this new life. Since the wedding, we have moved, travelled (a lot) and finally settling down at a completely new place and environment. For me at least. I have been unemployed for as long as our marriage and everyday I search for things I can potentially do. I'm not good with hobbies to be honest because all I know was earning. This blog has been around since I can't even remember. I have deleted all of my old postings as a first step of growing this blog and making it more of a lifestyle and hobbies theme, rather than personal.

My goal is to train myself to do something I enjoy doing which is writing. There are a few ideas that I can start with to build the contents and most of it are the stuff than I have been doing and are planning to do. Some of the list are: 

1. Travel 
2. Organising and home improvements 
3. Lifestyle 
4. Art (I plan to practice my painting) 
5. DIY