Lower body workout with kettlebell

I believe the secret to a healthy body, mind and soul is through exercising. Exercising has loads of benefits. It's a stress reliever, mood booster, it creates positive energy and makes you feel stronger.

Personally for me, getting into an exercising habit is hard but if there's motivation and a little push, it becomes easier. One important thing is to be consistent. Consistency helps you get used to the workouts and you'll progress faster. 

I don't have a gym membership so I do my workouts at home with my husband. We bought a few kettlebells a few months ago so we can get more out of our exercises. Kettlebell helps you build your body strength and it's just a great tool for overall body workout. 

I've seen some improvements since I first got my hands on my 8 kg kettle bell. I started with kettlebell swings early this year and it killed me. Now I'm able to do workout routines with the kettlebell for different parts of my body. And since I've gotten used to it,  maybe soon I will start practicing with the 12 kg.

In this post, I'm sharing my go to lower body workouts. I keep changing the routines from time to time but so far this one works for me. 

1. Goblet squat or sumo squat (20 secs)
2. Lateral lunges (20 secs)
3. Fire hydrants and/or donkey kicks (20 secs)
4. Kettlebell swings (20 secs)
5. Weighted lunges (20 secs)
6. Jumping jacks  (20 secs)

Repeat this 5 times. This routine is very flexible so you can just skip the kettlebell if you don't have one. This takes less than half an hour of your time. Do this consistently and you will see results in no time. Happy trying! 

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